Danbury Departures April 30, 2001

We are fortunate at the Danbury Railway Museum to have had excellent newsletter editors in the past. However, due to illness, we regret that there has not been a newsletter this winter. This "mini" newsletter is to let you know that lots of good things are happening now - lots of progress in the yard and station, We urge you to come to Railfair 2001 - our May 5.-6, Show and see the changes for yourself.

Railfair 2001 features a train 8:50 am from Poughkeepsie on Saturday May 5 and a very special train from New Haven through Newtown on the Maybrook line on Sunday, May 6 - leaving New Haven station at 9:00. Tickets may be reserved calling the station 778-8337. At 12:30 each day an afternoon train will leave the station going West on the Maybrook line, to Ice Pond on Saturday and Towners on Sunday. The "special" of the day is the purchase of a ticket for this afternoon excursion, as the admission to Railfair is included. Volunteers are always welcome to work at the event.

June 16 - Special Fatherís Day Weekend Excursion

To Trolley Museum /Thimble Islands Cruise

Thomas the Tank Engine, coming July 13-15, the live steam engine (from Strasburg). We are very excited about this childrenís event (which will be chaired by Tom McCullough). Incidentally, it is the first live steam engine in Danbury in years, so come and ride with us. Again, many volunteers are needed at this event. We are getting ticket orders from all over the country coming in now! If you have time during the day to process orders, please call Kathy Fay at the station.

Saturdays - work groups in the yard begin at 9:30. Lots of restoration and clean up going on - including the new refurbished "kiddie train". (Engineers welcome, contact Dave Lowry for training Tues, Thurs or Sat.)

The New Haven RS 11 Engine, recently brought up from Georgia, is now residing in Selkirk waiting for some repairs that are necessary before completing it's trip to the DRM - we hope to have it in the yard soon.

The Board of Directors elections in March produced a group of dedicated people for the next two years. They are: President Ira Pollack, Vice President Ron Freitag, Treasurer Tony White, Secretary Skip Kern, Board Chairman Dan Foley, Board Members Sue Thomas, Suzie Blackman, Ed Blackman, Geoff Knees, John Silbert, Randy Natale, Mike Salata, Mike Miciukiewicz, Tom McCullough. Our thanks to Ed Blackman for his dedication during his term as President.

Membership dues ($30.00) are due by June 30, and may be mailed to Membership Chairman, DRM, PO Box 90, Danbury, CT 06813. NOTE: enclose your email address or send it to drmmembers@aol.com if you wish to receive newsletters by email in the future, or to receive news of special events. This will enable getting news out in a timely manner. The email list, as well as our membership list, will be kept confidential.

Danbury Railway Museum, 120 White Street, Danbury CT 06810 201-778-8337