Letter to Members February 2004 Newsletter

Dear Members,

Hope all is well with you. I’m not sure if you realize this but the DRM is getting ready to recognize its tenth anniversary this year.

Ten years! It’s hard to believe that ten years have gone by so quickly. Try to look back, back to our early days at Ives St. Back to when our wishes and dreams would maybe, someday, come true and turn into a reality. Would we ever occupy the station? Would we be able to access the yard? Where can we get equipment? Will we ever own an engine or a caboose? These were some of the many questions back then, the uncertainties of a young organization. How to do it, who to talk to, can we really do this? Will it succeed? But just look at what we’ve done in these ten years. Look at our building with its exhibits, its library, the gift shop; it’s almost a life that’s grown in time. Look at the yard; with all of the equipment, that has almost reached its capacity. Look at all of these things and be very proud. Never forget about all of those hours that you’ve volunteered for the different projects that we’ve undertaken. Remember the sweat and work involved in running a train show or excursion to New York? Remember working in the pouring rain to put our wooden caboose on track? How about the searing heat of summer and the work parties on weekends? Look at our dedication in every area of the Museum. We should be proud.

As President, I always try to praise and thank you for your help to our Museum but I can never really say enough to you as a member and volunteer. My words can’t express my feelings of gratitude and thanks for your help over the last ten years. Just look at what we’ve done so far. Inevitably, we can praise our past but we must also look towards our future. Where should we go now? How should we do it? It is obvious and apparent that now we must become more financially stable to sustain our Museum in years to come. We must pursue new markets for income and clientele to expand our financial growth. We must pursue a structure to house and maintain our equipment. We must also plan where we want to be in the next five, ten, and 20 years, and how we can get there. I know it can happen for I’ve seen what did happen.

Please continue your support to our Museum, for look at what you’ve done so far. Thanks for your dedication.