Newsletter Message: March

Dear Member,

This is the time of the year when I wish for those warm 90° days with a warm wind blowing through the yard and I’m dressed in a T-shirt complaining about how hot it is. Ahh I love it! Before you know it, it will be upon us.

We’ve got many plans before us this coming season. We’re trying some new things this year and, of course, will need your help. My main goal and intention is to expand on what is offered to our membership and to the public. We have entered into a contract with MetroNorth with their Day Get Away program, which will bring guests up from the NYC area. This will mean additional DRM train service on Sundays so obviously we will need further volunteers to staff the building and operate our yard excursions. Please don’t hesitate to come forward and help us move the Museum to our next level of growth.

I’m presently trying to enhance our slide and video presentations by beginning a Saturday afternoon schedule starting this spring. This will be in addition to the Wednesday night sessions we already have. I’ve approached about 20 historical railroad organizations to do presentations on their particular railroad. The travel time might be restrictive for some of these groups so Saturday afternoon might be the most convenient time for them. I am trying to book one group a month with that particular presentation becoming a special event for the Museum. I would also like to include our library in this event. They have amassed hundreds of slides and many videos over the years and these should be seen by our members and by the public. As I’ve said, my main intention is to continually grow and expand upon what we have at the Museum. We must all look at new events and attractions and of course I’m always open for your suggestions. I will keep you updated on these new schedules as they develop.

Once the cold weather breaks we have many projects before us to make the yard and facilities ready for the season. We are in the process of adding descriptive signage to many of our non-moving exhibits. These will be small signs describing what our guests are actually looking at, including a small history of that piece. I’m hoping that once the frost is gone we can resume erecting the Wilton semaphore that will add to the exhibits in the yard. There are many things we can do but they all take your help and time.

In closing, our May 1st and 2nd events are getting closer by the day. The May1st Railroad Rodeo sponsored by MetroNorth will be an interesting event and a first for the DRM. MetroNorth will be presenting their many departments, all competing against each other. The winners of this competition will represent MetroNorth at the national Railroad Rodeo. This should be very interesting and should not be missed. May2nd will also be something to look forward to. Our annual Model Train Show has grown and will hopefully turn into a new tradition for the Museum.

We have some other new ideas on the burner and I’ll be talking to you about them in the next newsletter. Please support these ideas and keep the Museum rolling forward.