April 2004


Dear Members,

This month we find ourselves very busy planning our upcoming season.

We will be looking at an enhanced operating schedule on both Saturday and Sunday throughout the season and obviously we need you to volunteer and help us succeed in this new program. Help is needed in all of our different departments - train crew, front desk, tour guides, car hosts and gift shop. Now is the time for you to step forward and help our Museum reach its new level of success.

We've also begun a new Safety 101 Program for 2004 that is necessary for everyone who does work of any kind in the yard. This simple course teaches us the do's and don'ts and how to avoid the potential hazards of working in this environment of our rail yard. You must sign up and pass this course to be able to enter any of our further operations programs. Contact John O'Hern for our classroom schedule or look for the schedule in this issue of the newsletter.

I have been asked by many members what projects in the yard will be worked on this season. To start with I intend to raise the Wilton semaphore early in the season, as soon as the ground is dry. I'm hoping that we can also finish painting the New Haven boxcar and get it lettered along with getting the 1402 Alco RS11 cleaned, painted, and lettered. Coincidently, we have found the script herald stencil and it will be on loan to the DRM. We also have in our possession the dimensions for the block logo for the RS11. These are relatively quick projects with a fast reward to them.

I am basically going after those projects that have dedicated funding for them in that our monies are scarce. I am also hoping for continued work on the NYC wooden caboose 19322 with hopefully more funding coming in.

As far as any new exhibits in the yard or building, I'm looking at a new photo exhibit on the Penn Central RR and an exhibit on Pullman Porters. Also, now that the Sperry #135 rail car has been graciously donated to us I would like this to become another walk on, accessible display for our guests. This exhibit will be on the history of the test cars and Sperry Corp, one of our local neighbors and supportive of the DRM from the beginning.

Once again we have a lot before us in this upcoming year and as always I need your help. Please help me make the Museum grow.


Ira B. Pollack