May 2004

Dear Members,

This spring has brought about some new changes and additions to our Museum. Over the winter season, we have modified and updated our bylaws and we are now finalizing them. The changes will be presented to membership for approval in the near future by way of our newsletter. These bylaws are what govern and guide us in our decision-making processes. As we grow as an organization, we must periodically add to, modify, and update the bylaws. Although time consuming, I am glad that we have seen this process through.

We have begun our training program also this spring with a good turnout of volunteers at our Safety101 and Train Service re-qualification classes. As I'm always, saying, it's the volunteers that make the Museum run and it's good to see them coming out to support it.

We will be working on many painting projects this summer season so of course, I need your help once again. I would be very pleased if we can finish painting the boxcar, the 1402, and the CN caboose. There are always projects going on in the yard on Saturdays starting at 9:00 a.m. Just be sure you've taken your Safety 101 class, and wear work clothes, gloves, and work boots. We will issue safety vests. See you Saturday morning!

Ira B. Pollack