President's Message - June 2004


This month I would like to review with you some of the things that have been happening at the DRM in the last six months. Although some of these things don't appear to be major happenings, they are noteworthy in that they are enabling our forward movement and development. Starting in November, these are some of our triumphs and successes.

November 2003
1. Bob Pitcher and crew working on roof of NH boxcar replacing the roof walk.
2. Gerry Herrmann and crew continue to sheath wooden caboose. About 2/3 done.
3. Patty Osmer working on 10th anniversary boxcar graphics.
4. Mechanical Department replaced binding brake beam on SW-8.
5. Bill Britt nominated and seated as Vice President.

6. First time for the DRM to be represented at the Poughkeepsie show. We were well received.

December 2003
1. Thanks to Gerry Herrmann, Dave Wilson, and Bob Boothe for their involvement with Ann's Place Festival of Trees. This event helps support fight against cancer.
2. Meeting with Metro North on putting on a railroad rodeo in Danbury sometime in May.
3. Sperry Rail is considering donating a car to Museum - possibly #135.
4. Santa trains to start this weekend in yard with RDC 32.
5. By-law Revision meeting this week, an on-going process.
6. Had to cancel Santa trains on December 5 and 6 - heavy snows, about 15 ".

January 2004
1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
2. New Wednesday night speaker schedule will be coming out soon.
3. Invitations for March Anniversary dinner are being printed.
4. Have signed a contract with Metro North Day Get-Away Program to start in May 2004.
5. New battery charger received today.
6. Board meeting - setting budgets for the Museum.
7. Library being rearranged by staff.
8. Dave Conrad to do assessment on 1455 for stabilization plan, sometime soon.

February 2004
1. Good turnout at Big E train show.
2. Training and Safety Committee formed - classes to be scheduled shortly.
3. Thanks to Justin Chapin for keeping yard plowed.
4. Wild Winter Warm Up on February 22 - DRM enters and wins 3rd place prize of $600 for the Choo Choo Stew. Thanks to Albanetti family.
5. We have found NH script stencil; will pick up in Hamden when weather warms.
6. Final planning for 10th Anniversary Dinner.

March 2004
1. RS1 fired up this week with no apparent problems.
2. City of Danbury took about 20 sections of scrap rail for sander hanger shed.
3. March 13th dinner a success with good turnout of people.
4. Safety 101 and requalification classes have good turnout.
5. Ballots being tallied for replacement seats on the Board of Directors. New Board to meet soon. Congratulations tonew members.
6. Sperry car #135 delivered to Museum - need crew to help clean up for exhibit.
7. Moving equipment into place for Easter Bunny trains.
8. Grant committee formed to pursue many grants that are available to us.

April 2004
1. Easter Bunny trains did well financially in spite of poor weather.
2. We bought digital camera and printer for photos of guests in engine cab.
3. Season has begun! We need your help cleaning the yard, etc., etc.
4. City of Danbury to have clean-up day once again. Need your help on April 24.

These are just a few of our accomplishments over the last six months.

I've left many out but this will show you that there are many, many things happening at the Museum and that we are always on the move.

Please volunteer and help us keep moving!