President's Message - July 2004


Dear Members,

Hope all is well with you this summer season. I would like to fill you in on some of the things that have been happening at the Museum in the last month or so.
Weve been busy in the yard with a training program for new engineers, conductors, and brakemen for our weekend rail yard excursions. Weve been trying to keep operations moving on a full-weekend basis by bringing some new people into the training program. Of course, we always need more help and more trainees to fulfill some of our new goals. Im always talking about our volunteers who make or break this operation so once again your Museum needs you to volunteer. We need your help at the front desk, as tour guides on Saturdays, and as car hosts on the weekends. We need you in all parts and aspects of the Museum.
In the yard, weve been working on the Wilton semaphore, trying to finish off some detail work and finally erecting it next to Track 18. The main goal is to make this an operating display for the education of our guests. We have also begun putting up signs in the yard explaining what a particular piece is and giving a capsule history of it. More signs will follow. We also have plans to rearrange some of our equipment. We plan to make a more accessible area at the 34 platform for our guests and also to include some different displays on the platform itself. There are always more projects to do at the Museum than there are people to do them. I can only do so much with limited budgets and peoplepower. If you can spare any free time on a weekend, please help us grow. Please come out to help.
In closing, we have also been working on a strategic business plan that will bring into focus our goals and objectives. This will allow us to know where we hope to be in 1-5-10 year increments and how we can achieve these goals. Im very excited by our involvement in this project. In essence, in certain cases we will be reinventing our Museum and we will also have a real plan to follow for our future development.
Please support your Museum.