President’s Report

December 2004


In this month’s newsletter I would like to once again review some of the important events and projects that we’ve accomplished over the last four months.  I’ve taken these excerpts from the Wednesday night meeting reports.


August 2004

  1. DaMours Construction finished track work that was needed as a result of MetroNorth derailment.
  2. RR signals donated by Chris Locke.
  3. ByLaws Revisions to be mailed to membership
  4. Freight truck painted in yard.  Frogs painted. 
  5. Track ID signs put up in yard.  Descriptive signage posted.
  6. DRM picnic this Sunday.  Members turn to drive the engine!


September 2004

1.      Tour Bus came through Monday morning with about 50 people.  Thanks to volunteers for opening the building.

2.      Big Weekend for Museum – “Changing Tracks” exhibit opens

3.      Taste of Danbury – We will have a table at the green with a speeder on display.

4.      Use Fred Marinelli’s speeder in Newtown Parade.  Justin Chapin to tow speeder through parade.  Good public relations for the Museum.

5.      MNRR fantrip arrives early from Beacon.  317 people tour DRM facility with great success.

6.      Bob Pitcher welding frame for new forge building

7.      Ed Holowinko painted side of NYC crane.

8.      Begin stenciling NH boxcar.  Carolyn learning how to letter.

9.      Caboose 19322 work continues.  West end rebuilt.

10.  Move containers for temporary work area.


October 2004

1.      Work continues on NYC crane.  Roof repainted.

2.      Letter sent to DOT for signage on Route 84.

3.      Citywide Tag Sale to raise money for Military Museum.

4.      New HO layout to start, replacing the S gauge.  Jeff Van Wagenen to be project leader.

5.      Ongoing Strategic Planning meetings

6.      Woody Cohen does a Wed. night show on PC.

7.      Yard crew clears track RIP moves wheelsets to make room for 2014.

8.      Fleet bank paints CN caboose for their Volunteer Day. 

9.      Yonkers Construction donates a yard office trailer.  Justin hauls into the yard with his pickup.

10.  Pumpkin patch event great success for Halloween.


November 2004

1.      Script emblems done on both sides of NH boxcar.  Lettering to continue as weather permits.

2.      Looking at rail test truck donated by Dapco of Ridgefield.

3.      Crew worked on 2014.  Painted car body and tarred the roof.  Made ready for Santa trains.  Electricity working, new wiring added.

4.      Heritage Bus tours came to Museum with 57 people.

5.      SW8 and RS1 drained for the winter.

6.      Bob Pitcher and Bill Britt remove damage in roof of RS 11 1402 with Portipower jacks and lots of muscle.

7.      Santa car 2014 ready for service.  Work on interior.


These are but a few of the many happenings at the Museum.  I don’t have enough room to list everything or everyone who has helped move our organization forward this season.  I must also add that this year has been extraordinary with an increase in admissions and a better financial stability at year’s end.  This is all due to the dedication and further commitments of our volunteers.  Our extended train service and added tours have definitely made a considerable difference in sales and again, it is our volunteer effort that made this a positive change for the better. 


By the time you read this we will be very much into the Holiday season so I’ll take this opportunity now to wish you all well and thank you for all of the help and optimism that you’ve given to our Museum.  I’m looking forward to an early spring and continuing the momentum that we’ve started.


Thanks for your help, dedication, and spirit, and may you and yours have a healthy New Year and Holiday Season.