July 2005 Presidentís Report

By Ira Pollack


††††††††††† I hope all is well with you. Every few months I like to use this column to keep you updated with the list of what is happening at the Museum on a week by weekly basis. I discuss this each Wednesday evening before our guest presentation. The purpose here is to keep those unable to attend the Wednesday programs informed.


††††††††††† Following is a listing of what has been happening, beginning with May and continuing through the first week of June.


1) Railyard sprayed by Asplundh for weed control

2) Work on forge continues for Hammer-In event

3) Dumpster rented and filled with more demolition

4) Chris Locke donated Sperry artifacts

5) Dapco Industries testing and calibrating their vehicles in yard

6) Metro-North(MN) to donate switches from Danbury Loop construction project; work begins

7) Paperwork signed for ACMU donation by Metro-North

8) New tires for the 755 Ford backhoe

9) Andrews brothers continue maintenance on vehicles, turntable, backhoe, etc.

10) Hammer-In Event held on cool, rainy weekend, but successful. Many thanks to blacksmiths, small engine exhibitors, and all volunteers involved


1) Yard and track crew rebuilding points on #20 switch. Many thanks to Bruce Van Wyck, Bob Pitcher, Steve Mayerson, Dave Roberts, and Randy Natale for their hard work

2) Dave Roberts was painting the semaphore building; Bill Britt and Gerry Herrmann install windows for the shed

3) Signing lease for an additional 5 years for Reading Company coaches; must go before Danbury Common Council before DRM signing

4) Stan Madyda appointed accessions manager for the DRM

5) Gerry Herrmann and crew of other volunteers continue work on the NYC caboose

6) All train and yard operations departments move into the yard office

7) Carolyn Taylor begins lettering dimensional data on New Haven boxcar

8) Work continues on RPO car in Canaan which the DRM hopes to acquire in the near future

9) Sperry Car Day successful operations augmented the Railyard Local

10) New signage explaining equipment installed around the yard


††††††††††† These are but a few of the things at the Museum. Unfortunately many of the hard working volunteers involved in keeping our Museum running and growing were not individually named here, but their service is indispensable. These are people at the front desk, gift shop, running the birthday parties, train crew, yard and equipment maintenance who tirelessly keep us moving forward. The results of our volunteersí efforts add up quickly. Look at whatís happening and how we can succeed!