May 2006 President’s Report

by Ira Pollack

            This month I will update you on some of the projects that we have been working on.

            We are moving closer to “The Little Engine That Could” event. Our Events Committee has been diligently meeting on a weekly basis to formulate a plan for this large event. They have been renting tents, tables, booking entertainers, seeing to the hundred other details necessary to run an event of this magnitude. Our yard crew has also been busy making our four coaches ready for this event. There has been much sanding and scraping in the cars to prepare them for interior cleanup, painting and makeover. As always, we need your help for this event. Our committee has estimated the need of about 100 volunteers per day (for part of each day) to run this event smoothly. Please come forward to sign up.

            The mechanical crew is also busy working on our operating equipment. The Pfizer SW8 is in the process of receiving a new radiator bank. We have been fortunate over the years with this engine because there have been only relatively minor maintenance issues. However, now the leak in the radiator has reached the point of no return. Our crews will also be replacing the batteries for the RDC 32 Budd car. This faithful servant to the Museum is in dire need of new batteries. Both of these projects are fairly expensive, but one of the necessary costs of running this operation. It is part of doing the business we do of running trains. We must continue working on and solving our maintenance problems because the Museum’s main attraction to the public is our train rides.

            I would also like to announce that Geoff Knees will be helping us schedule our weekend train crews this season. Please contact him if you have any experience in train operations, or if you have an interest in learning to become part of our operations staff. Good luck to you Geoff in this endeavor.

           Our busy season is upon us now folks. We have many projects to complete this season with many deadlines to meet. I am hoping to get your help in the yard on Saturdays, or at any time that you may be available. Always feel free to contact me if you have questions, advice, or just want to talk.