October 2007 Presidentís Report

By Ira Pollack

††††††††††† I hope all is well with you. As usual, in this monthís report, Iíd like to keep you updated with some of the things going on at the DRM.

††††††††††† Every month I talk to you about the progress we make in the yard. Weíve been slowly but steadily making progress with our track maintenance program in the yard. Tamping still remains to be done on Track 34, but what a difference weíve made in this area to date! Once tamping is completed, we will be able to operate on this track again, using the center platform as a destination point for the Railyard Local. We also have been replacing ties on the turntable lead switch. Many of these timbers were rotted beyond any kind of salvage and must be replaced for use of the switch to the turntable. This, too, has been a slow process, but once again, we are making progress.

††††††††††† This trackwork has been my priority for the yard in the past several months. We must continue maintenance on our track, but at the same time we must try to expand our operating areas and the length of the Railyard Localís running space. I must thank our volunteers who have helped me with this important project for the yard and Museum. Weíve been meeting Saturday mornings at about 10am, and working until closing at 5pm. Our crew has worked out a procedure of replacing the timbers, and we are working as a team. Of course, youíre more than welcome to join us, and become a part of this team. I plan to continue this project until the weather gets too cold to work. In another month or so we will be coming to the close of another outdoor season.

††††††††††† I would like to thank everyone for their efforts this year - for what they have done for our Museumís growth. Here is a brief look at some of our accomplishments in the yard and building:

1) #1455 steam locomotive - new deck plate and steel staircase fabricated for much safer and easier access; exterior and interior painting

2) RPO - interior painted and finished; new metal staircase fabricated; car 98% complete; new exhibit to open soon

3) Wooden NYC caboose - sheathing finished and painted; interior framing; roof scaffolding added to protect cupola

4) CN 660 - Interior staining about 60% complete; rotted vestibule removed with new decking to follow

5) G gauge layout in the yard - expansion of our original layout at this location

6) Track work - About 12 ties replaced on Track 34; progress on rebuilding the turntable lead switch

7) Segar Street pumphouse - Relocation to center platform in our yard is in progress; motor and pump here

8) FA 0428 - Put back on trucks this spring with the help of Wade Roese and Modzelewski Towing; long overdue project completed in only about 5 hours

9) Museum building - Wade and Tuesday night crew added to displays; many operating layouts now; new display on different weights of rail; all welcome to join Tuesday night group meeting regularly at 7pm.

††††††††††† These are just a few of the activities that have been going on this past season. Iím hoping we can continue with this progress up to the winter frost. We have once again made progress this year. I am very proud of what we have done, and of what we can do when we put our minds to it.