December 2007 Presidentís Report

By Ira Pollack


††††††††††† This month I would like to take time to wish you all a pleasant holiday season. This is the season of sharing and giving, but this is what you, the volunteer, has been doing all year long. We have had a successful year at the Museum, and it is you, our volunteer, that made it possible. Our people have accumulated thousands of hours of time running the Museum, both in the building and in the yard. As you have heard from me many times, we have been rebuilding sections of our track over the past several months. This project alone added up to over 1500 hours to date, all done with our volunteered time and energy. What about the time spent running the Front Desk, Gift Shop, Library, and train operations and equipment maintenance? All of these people are so dedicated to our cause. How about the newsletter, this fine publication and showpiece that we look forward to every month? Our editor works on this many days, making sure everything is right for its final mailing to you. There are many people who volunteer for our Museum, behind the scenes, but so very necessary for our operations and success. My hat is off to their dedication and commitment. Another example is that each month at our Board meeting we are presented with a report on our financial status by our Treasurer. These important documents take hours and hours of preparation time. There they are at each meeting, though with no fanfare - it is strictly business. It is hard to measure the time, dedication, or commitment, but it is everywhere you look at our Museum. I have to sit back from time to time and remember who we are, and what we have done over these years. I am so very proud and honored to have been part of this Museum, and to have worked alongside many of the people who have made it possible. I guess there is not enough room in this newsletter to praise and thank you for what you have done for our growth.

††††††††††† During these coming winter months I will be spending time planning out the new seasonís projects and goals. Surprising enough it is not that far off. Some of my goals are as follows:

1. Continued track stabilization

2. Open-air flatcar for Railyard Local

3. Turntable stabilization

4. More aggressive marketing and advertising

5. Temporary building for maintenance and restoration

6. Broadening our fundraising capabilities

7. Stabilizing the FCD railbus

Some of these are large goals, but with your help and input, I know that we can do this. Our optimism cannot be dampened. We must continue to grow and move forward.