February 2008 President’s Report

By Ira Pollack


Dear Membership,

            Hope all is well with you this month.

            I’d like to fill you in on some of the things going on at the Museum. Even though we’re in the dead of winter now, there are still many noteworthy things happening. We’ve received a very generous donation from the New York Botanical Gardens’ Christmas train layout. They have given us a sizable collection of G-gauge track, rolling stock, and even shrubs for our outdoor layout in the yard. Wade Roese, Bob Booth, Harry Leeds, J.R. Mitchell and crew went down to the Bronx a few weeks ago, making a couple of trips to pick up the items. This donation will surely enhance our layout and ever-growing interest in this large scale of model railroading. My thanks go out to all of our members who participated in this event. It is great news that our name is getting out there, that people are realizing what we do here at the DRM, and are willing to help and support our cause.

            Even though it is cold outside, we have been working in the yard gutting out the burned interior of the Maine Central tool caboose. My goal is to clean out the car, install windows, and eventually use it as storage space. Unfortunately we cannot do much else at this time of the year in the railyard, but spring is just around the corner.

            This is the time of year for planning our upcoming season. We are looking at some different events, possibly just to add some variety to attract new and different people to the Museum. I cannot tell you much more about them at this stage, but I am hoping you will be pleased at their outcome. I will definitely keep you posted as they develop. There are many good things that are in process and will take a long time to unfold – many that I cannot discuss freely at this time. You must know that sometimes it gets very frustrating waiting, spending the many hours and legwork time to get these things accomplished. I, of course, want to do things right away and have a hard time waiting for their outcome.

            I have been talking a lot about goals for the future of the Museum. I feel very strongly about this and will be working very hard to accomplish these goals. I need your support, input, and involvement to see this through though. In the next several months I will be calling you to help me reach some of these goals.

            At the close of this month’s report, I want to mention that we are looking at Saturday March 8th and 22nd for our safety exam and train crew requalifying. Once again John O’Hern and John Geigle will graciously administer these important programs for the Museum. If you have any interest in becoming part of our operating crew, or would like to help work in the yard, please come to the Museum at 10:30am on one of these dates for these required courses and testing. We have much work in front of us. Once again, this will be a busy season, but always look back at what we can do, and what we have already accomplished. I know it gives me the strength to move forward.