March 2008 Presidentís Report

By Ira Pollack


††††††††††† I am hoping all is well with you this month. I do not have much to tell you right now, but will say I am looking forward to the upcoming spring season.

††††††††††† Once the cold weather is gone, I want to get back into our ever-present yard maintenance program. To start with, we have a section of rail to replace on Track 42. Fortunately it is located in an accessible area right next to Flower Lane. This rail section of questionable condition is about 25 feet long and in need of attention as soon as possible. After what we did this last season with our track work, I am confident about tackling this project once the ground defrosts and settles.

††††††††††† These kinds of projects are, and will be, a constant at the Museum. It is an ongoing thing, unfortunately, but we must address them on a regular basis. Of course, once again I will be calling you for help on Saturdays to proceed with this and the many other tasks that we have in the yard.

††††††††††† In other news, I am looking into updating our photo display exhibit in the building. I have been approached by a gentleman who would like to exhibit his fatherís extensive paintings of New Haven, NYC, and Erie Railroad subjects at the DRM. I feel it is time to overhaul our exhibit area anyway, and this could be a great opportunity to do so.

††††††††††† I must also say that over the years our collection of artifacts has grown immensely, almost to the point of overflowing. It seems that almost every day someone is donating to our historical collection. Who would have known years ago, when we first opened, that this was going to happen?

††††††††††† There is still a lot of activity at the Museum, even with the cold weather season. As I have stated many times, there is much going on behind the scenes on a regular basis. Many of these things do take time to develop, which of course adds to my frustrations and anxieties, but will be worth it all in the end. In the meantime I will just report to you that project ďxyzĒ is still pending and that we are moving forward with it at this point.

††††††††††† In closing this monthís report, I will mention that by later this month we will have elected new board members to serve in the growth of our Museum, and to lead our membership for the next two years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank those members who have served on the Board, and also to welcome the new directors for these upcoming years. We all have a challenge before us, but with our combined knowledge and experience, we can positively succeed with our goals. It is a definite commitment to all involved in the growth of our Museum, from all of the different levels, but we must all work together toward that common goal, and operate as a team. Communication is our key to success, and we must maintain that at all times.

††††††††††† Thank you. I will either see or talk to you next month.