April 2008 Presidentís Report

By Ira Pollack


††††††††††† This month I first would like to thank all of the Directors who have served on the Board over the last two years, and I also welcome the new Directors. Iím looking forward to working with them, moving our Museum forward over the next couple of years.

††††††††††† ††††††††††† I would like to update you on some of the current issues that are going on at the Museum at this time. To begin with, Jim Poor has been appointed by me as Interim Track Maintenance Supervisor. His responsibilities and jurisdiction will be track repair, and reconstruction and general maintenance of our track infrastructure. He will have full authority over the complete yard trackage, including maintenance equipment movements, locking out of defective areas, and everything pertinent to the yard trackage. Jim has shown me to have exceptional expertise and knowledge, and he already has done wonders for the yardís long overdue overhauling. I am very excited by this appointment, and look forward to Jimís help in stabilizing our Museumís yard.

††††††††††† Our goals for spring and early summer will be to replace ties on Track 34 through the curve and switch, ties on 42, and finally rebuilding large areas on Track 24 (runaround track). My focus is continued track and motive power maintenance. By allowing Jim to pursue this needed priority, we will free up Justin Chapin to pursue our Mechanical needs, which are a huge undertaking, and a priority for sustained rail operations.

††††††††††† In other news, I have met with Robert Gould, son of John Gould (deceased). We are in the process of collaborating on and opening an art exhibit on the work of John Gould, a well-renowned painter, illustrator, and graphic artist, whose work dates from the 50ís and 60ís. I am hoping to open this exhibit sometime in May, to run for about six months, in our photo area of the Great Room. I feel this is long overdue for the DRM, and I look for your support and help in producing and promoting this exhibit in a professional way.

††††††††††† In closing this monthís report, I will mention that our operating season has once again begun. I am hoping that you can spend some time volunteering at the Museum. Our staff needs you both in the yard and in the building. Please feel free to call me if you are interested in volunteering, and I will refer you to the appropriate project leaders or personnel in your areas of interest. I will be looking forward to seeing and meeting you in the near future.