December 2009 Presidentís Report

By Ira Pollack


††††††††††† In this monthís report I would like to first wish you all a pleasant holiday season. I will also take the time to thank all of the members who volunteer their valuable time to the Museum. There are literally thousands of hours that can be added up from all of our different interests and activities. There certainly is a lot going on at the Museum at any given time and it is our volunteers who make it possible.

††††††††††† This past year was a good one at the Museum, with many new people coming through our doors. We also tried some new events to attract even more new guests. We must always try these new ideas, although sometimes they do not work out as we have expected. On the other hand, sometimes these events do work out and become new standards for our yearly calendar and schedule.

††††††††††† Now that the weather has radically changed for the worse, we can try to begin our planning for the next yearís season. We did a lot of track work in the yard this year, with much more before us. Unfortunately the weather was a big obstacle, with rain almost every weekend, as you probably know. I would like to let you know some of my expectations for the upcoming year, and list some of the yard goals I would like to accomplish, if possible. These projects only can happen with your help.


1.†††††††† Paint the turntable black

2.†††††††† Rebuild the turntable operatorís booth

3.†††††††† Replace more turntable deck boards

4. ††††††† Paint the #1455 steam engine

5.†††††††† Set up storage areas for yard equipment (trailer)

6.†††††††† Set up storage areas for library overflow (boxcar)

7.†††††††† Repaint the roof of the RS1

8. ††††††† Erect a temporary structure near the turntable

9.†††††††† Build a storage shed for the G gauge

10.†††††† Finish the conveyor loader exhibit

11.†††††† Rebuild the turntable lead switch

12.†††††† Tamp Track 42

13.†††††† Do tie replacement on Tracks 18 and 24


††††††††††† As always, I have great expectations in what I want to do, and obviously some of these projects will not happen, but these are the goals that I strive for.

††††††††††† In closing my report this month, I again will thank you for all the help that you have given to the Museum, and look forward to working with you in 2010.

Happy Holidays!