Words from Our New President

            As we read this issue of The Railyard Local, the candy eggs and jelly beans are beckoning our “little people” friends. So too, the Bunny Trains have arrived to entice these young visitors to enjoy and share the fun within the DRM. Fun, however, is not only for the young; we as adult members and volunteers should all enjoy what we do, how we work, and how we interact with our guests.

            As a founding member and President of the Danbury Railway Museum (2001-2011) for ten years, Ira Pollack has been a tenacious and tireless worker and leader of the Museum. Following are some of the many milestones, achievements, and successes during these ten years as President:

Pumphouse and pump moved                         RS-11 acquired

Steam Thomas the Tank engine                      RS-3 in the yard

Two NH box cars acquired                             SW-8 acquired

Wilton semaphore acquired                            Sperry railcar

NYC wooden caboose                                                Hi-Rail test truck

Tonawanda Valley work                                 Operating shanty

Roger Williams on display                              Yard Office

Two 44 tonners from Electric Boat                Operating Forge

Little Engine That Could                                RPO Car

Tonawanda Valley acquired                           Jeep Day

Turntable on historic register                          Antique car show

G-gauge garden layout                                   RDC operational

Ongoing TRACK WORK                              Kent railfan trip

FA-1 0428 on trucks                                       LEGO display

            We extend our sincerest thanks and appreciation for the fortitude, hard work and understanding of Ira and his family, Sue and Josh. We can only hope to continue growing the DRM as it has grown in the past ten years.

            In addition, we also wish to thank all the neighbor members who donate their time and energy working at the Museum to keep our projects moving, and to all our neighbor members and distant members who also support us financially.

            Our ensuing goals: growth, expansion, construction, innovation, and fun. So let’s get on board the DRM train and travel together.

            On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum,

                                    Wade W. Roese