May - June 2011 Presidentís Report

Words from Our New President

††††††††††† It is May as we compose this issue of The Railyard Local. Thanks to Sue Teer and the rest of the bunny volunteers, our Easter event celebration was one of the best Bunny Train events we have had.

††††††††††† In addition, the National Train Day event in early May was also a success. Thanks to more than half the Board of Directors, over a dozen member volunteers, many guests, and great weather (until the 3:45 rain) some new ideas came to fruition. These included Operation Lifesaver education by Don Konen and Steve Gould, coupling/uncoupling demonstrations by Don Konen and Pete McLachlan, operating the forge by Bob Pitcher and Glen Miller, operating the G-gauge layout by Joseph Alves, and Child fingerprinting through New York Life Insurance Company by Andre Perez and the Company volunteers. Danbury Police Department Officers and a police cruiser arranged by Alan Baker gave credibility to the fingerprinting service and to the DRM by the City of Danbury.

††††††††††† Thanks to Staff Writer Susan Tuz and Photographer Scott Mullin of the Danbury News-Times for a very nice color photo display and cover article about the National Train Day in the May 9, 2011 issue.

††††††††††† We have had a pleasant influx of new members and volunteers and some have already begun to share their talents and have undertaken new projects: construction of a few covered pavillions by Wade Roese and Gil Letellier, and Bob Pitcher, and the expansion of the operating forge. Also, we have resumed work on some of the ongoing projects: Gerry Herrmann and the New York Central caboose, Bill Britt and the Tonawanda Valley, Carolyn Taylor and the 1455, Chuck Sager and the turntable, and Justin Chapin with the 44 Tonners. New ideas have been proposed and are under review. As they are formatted and get out of the planning phase we will continue to provide updates ... and look for assistance.

††††††††††† Remember the ongoing activities at the Museum and please consider joining: Tuesday night layout modeling, Tuesday night Library Group, Wednesday night presentations and information exchange, weekend operations (all sorts of activities) and Daytime Museum hours (note that our hours of operation expand to Seven days and to 5pm starting after Memorial Day. We can always use help. Please think about sharing your time and talents with the DRM. Many people are very giving of their time and energy. I apologize if I have not specifically identified anyone, but We greatly appreciate your contributions.


††††††††††† On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum,

Wade W. Roese