January 2012 Presidentís Report

††††††††††† Goodbye 2011, welcome 2012. We hope you all had great holiday celebrations, family gatherings, and that the New Year is prosperous and full of successful resolutions.

††††††††††† In 2011 the DRM was a slight victim of the lackluster economy, but not quite as much as some of the federally funded larger national museums. Our attendance, income, and membership were down. Some of our events were slightly more successful than previous years, but we didnít set any records or achieve all of our goals. Financially, we are O.K.

††††††††††† Throughout the year we were able to accomplish a number of the goals/projects upon which we were working: 44-tonner 1399 operational, Pavilion #1 up, Pavilion #2 started, Catenary arches located to DRM yard, Roof installed on the New York Central caboose, Grant received from Amherst, Music video, Fashion shoot, Murder mystery movie, Wedding photo shoot, Night photo shoot with the Candlewood Camera Club, Great progress on the Tonawanda Valley; Baggage cart repaired, restored and displayed; Weaver estate grant received, 1455 progress on winterizing and window replacement; Repair of the control shed, decking and handrails on the turntable; New platform at the pumphouse, Hawley School outreach program; Shelton Library, New Fairfield and various other area outreach presentations, Speeder operational for use in trackwork, 3-piece diesel display lash-up in yard, Numerous donations (both financial and materials), New video security system with recorder in Museum building, Safety training; Tour guide, car host, conductor, and engineer training programs, Boy Scout merit badge program, and continued work on the Model layouts and exhibits within the Museum building. In addition, we ran our yearly events: Sweetheart trains, Bunny trains, National Train Day, Motherís Day, Owney the Post Office dog, Fatherís Day, Danbury Railway Day and Member picnic, Pumpkin trains, Santa trains, and a regular schedule of Tuesday library recording sessions, Tuesday modeling work/maintenance sessions, and Wednesday evening presentations. Numerous train shows around the state, Danbury Library display, and work with the Bethel Historical Society round out some additional ongoing projects the DRM continued running.

††††††††††† The above accomplishments were brought to fruition entirely by our own volunteer members and staff: Joseph Alves, Robert Andriola, Alan Baker, Roberta Ballard, Bob Bell, Gary Bentley, Ed Blackman, Suze Blackman, Robert Booth, William Britt, Chip Brown, Harry Burke, Joseph Carella, Dan Carleton, Justin Chapin, Don Collier, Charles and Nancy Cuniff, Robert Detlefsen, Kathy Fay, Dan Foley, Robert Gambling, Paul Gassner, Franz Gerencir, Steve Gould, Greg Grice, Marty Grossman, Alan Gruber, Gerry Herrmann, John Ivansco, Robert Kessler, Geoff Knees, Don Konen, Mike La Gue, Dana Laird, Joe Laporta, Gerry Lawlor, Harry Leeds, Gil Letellier, Carl Liba, Dave Lowry, Mike Madyda, Stan Madyda, Tom McCullough, James McGeorge, Dave McKee, Peter McLachlan, Mike Miciukiewicz, Glenn Miller, J.R. Mitchell, Eileen Mitchell, William Nicholson, John OíHern, Patty Osmer, Shirley Peatfield, Andre Perez, Bob Pitcher, Ira Pollack, Jeremy Rice, David Rist, Dave Roberts, Wade Roese, Chuck Sager, Mike Salata, Marty Scatola, Richard Shaboo, John Silbert, Art Slothower, Lovett Smith, Nancy Sniffin, Frank Sullivan, Carolyn Taylor, Jim Teer, Sue Teer, Jeff Van Wagenen, Bill Waggoner, Joe Ward, Tony White, Carol Wilson, David Wilson, Fiona Herrmann, Ashley Norkowski, Kristina Maceira, Victoria Maceira, Samantha Stainbrook. In addition, Rings End of Bethel, Kellogg Hardwoods, True Value Hardware of Bethel, and Modzedewskiís Towing assisted the DRM through donations of materials and services through the year. We extend our sincerest gratitude to the above as we only achieved our successes through the cooperation and dedication of this great team.

††††††††††† Unfortunately, we were unable to successfully complete some of the projects we undertook, but we continue to work on them diligently and are optimistic that we will see their fulfillment in 2012: Lease extension signature, Albany electrics relocation, New buildings, Turntable pit work, New and expanded signage, Repair of yard displays, Relocation of select yard equipment, Pavilion roofing, G-scale garden layout.

††††††††††† Many newly suggested ideas never made it into the work schedule, but they will! We look forward to your sharing of more new ideas, thoughts, dreams, and reminders. The exceptional commitment of time and energy of our volunteers above allowed the DRM to accomplish.

††††††††††† On behalf of the officers and directors of the Danbury Railway Museum, please allow me to extend our sincerest expression of gratitude for the support you give. Please ride our train to 2012.

††††††††††† On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum, Wade W. Roese