March 2012 Presidentís Report

††††††††††† Last month we took the opportunity to thank our volunteers and some of our corporate supporters. Throughout 2011 we were also graciously supported by many members financially. During these tenuous economic conditions every donation to the DRM, financial, participatory or constructive suggestion input is and has proven to be invaluable.

††††††††††† We expect 2012 to see our in progress projects continue, new projects to be initiated and new ideas to become projects. Is there a project you would like to work upon, have initiated or enhanced?Please advise us as to ideas that are of interest. We need and welcome our membersí input and concerns.

††††††††††† We will try to publish a list soon of the many projects concerning work, to be undertaken, and needed. This list will be posted for review and updated on a periodic basis.

††††††††††† Again, thanks for your assistance, input, and support.

††††††††††† On behalf of the DRM, Wade Roese