May 2012 President’s Report


            Here it is April, no fooling, the days are getting longer and warmer, although we have been spoiled this winter, and it is time to resume work on projects at our Museum. April 28th is scheduled to be “Track Day”. We will work, have lunch, and work! hopefully. Please join us.


            Following is a list of projects which are in various stages of progress; some are staffed, some almost complete, and some that need to be implemented. If you see something you might be interested in assisting, please consider joining us.


            PROJECT                                         PROJECT LEADER


NYC caboose                                                              Gerry Herrmann

Tonawanda Valley coach                                            Bill Britt and Art Slothower

1455 steam locomotive                                                            Bob Boothe

Locomotives                                                                Justin Chapin and Jeff Van Wagenen

Pavilions                                                                      Gil Letellier

Botsford water tower                                                   Gil Letellier

New Haven M-U (washboards)                                               Andre Perez

G-gauge garden layout                                                 Don Konen and Wade Roese

Forge addition                                                              Bob Pitcher

Landscaping of yard                                                    Michael La Gue

Prepare map of railyard                                                           Wade Roese

Volunteer ID tags                                                         Joseph Alves

Track work                                                                  Jim Teer



work on turntable restoration                                       construct new equipment storage shed

clean out semaphore shed                                            repaint yellow line on Track 18 platform

paint rail cars                                                               replace yard limit signs

relocate Dapco truck                                                    do inventory of storage in various box cars

relocate scale test car                                                   do inventory of paints we have

restore Burro crane                                                      repair concrete base of platform base

create access to FL-9                                                   repair fence at Metro-North gate

update/add new signage                                                           create video (story of DRM/Union Station)

build open bench flat car                                             create handout of exhibits in railyard

clean up office                                                                        remove mildew from building exterior

rearrange interior exhibits                                            repair Krane car

redo interior exhibit                                                     install low fence at yard limit



            There are additional latent projects to be worked upon, and shall be added as manpower and interest  permit them. Please consider assisting or undertaking any of the projects above and bring forth your questions.

                        On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum, Wade W. Roese