June-July 2012 President’s Report

            National Train Day at the DRM was May 12th featuring free train rides and an extensive time table of activities. Two birthday parties and event level attendance resulted in a successful one-day event.

            The Operation Lifesaver presentation by Don Konen and Steve Gould, operating forge by Bob Pitcher and Glenn Miller, whistle signals with Pete Mclachlan, operating turntable with an FL-9 being rotated by Joe LaPorta, 1455 informational presentation with Bob and Maryann Boothe, coupling/ uncoupling demonstration by Don Konen, and operating G-gauge by Joseph Alves produced an educational and informative event. It should be noted that the success of this event was due to the high level of commitment and cooperation of our volunteer members.

            In addition to those mentioned above, thanks also goes to Mike LaPorta at the turntable; Jeff Van Wagenen, the day’s engineer; Jim Teer, conductor; Don Konen, Steve Gould, Pete McLachlan, John O’Hern car hosts; Sue Teer and Dave Lowry with birthdays and Front Desk; Patty Osmer in the Gift Shop; and Dave McKee manning the crossing gate and safety at the rail crossing all day. The event was recorded on film by Chuck Sager, Carolyn Taylor, and yours truly.


We can accomplish anything we want!


On behalf of the DRM, Wade W. Roese, President