August-September 2012 President’s Report

The subject this month is projects and progress. Significant progress has been made this summer on our ongoing projects. In addition, new projects have been initiated. Kudos to the volunteers and crews that toil and labor in the not so pleasant working conditions: Hot, Muggy, Hot, Wet, Hot and Hot!

            Great progress on: Art Slothower on the Tonawanda interior; Justin, Jim and Peter on the RS-1 and other power equipment; Rob Bell and Jim Teer on the speeder; Bob Pitcher, Joe and Mike Laporta with repair of the turntable clutch; Gil Lettelier and his crew on the pavilions; Bob Boothe on the 1455; and new projects. Gil Lettelier and crew worked on a “looks like new CN caboose” which is again Red! There is a new yellow line 24 inches wide for warning at the boarding ramp. Gil and crew have also started painting and decking a flat car. Mike Madyda and helpers have started working on our Burro crane, which entails lots of research and “heavy lifting”. We have highlighted some of the major projects going on, but many other behind the scene efforts quietly progress also, not receiving recognition or the flair that a new “paint job” exudes.

            Our thanks to all the people whose time this summer has been shared in moving us forward, creating a new and better appearance, and instilling some new excitement.

                                                On behalf of the DRM, Wade Roese