February –March 2013 President’s Report


   Warmer weather is coming (I hope).
This past year 2012 we continued work on many projects, started some new ones and thought about others. Now 2013 is here and we are looking for things to do and volunteers to assist. Following is a list of current projects on our plate



RS-1 maintenance     Vermont flat car restoration/ride on    burro crane
Tonawanda Valley coach NYC caboose      44 tonner paint
44 tonner operational    G-gauge layout      turntable ring rail
Botsford water tower    turntable pit  forge expansion
volunteer IDs   SW-8     RDC #32
FL-9 stairs   NH caboose painting  MU cars
Rutland box car  speeder   Library
newsletter  yard work     track work
building cleanup      landscaping in yard    1455
RS-11     events  


New ideas, your thoughts and suggestions

Your input, concerns and volunteer help are needed and, as always, are appreciated. If you can or would like to help with a project, would like to know more about a project, or just want to discuss a project, please talk with us. Volunteers, always wanted and needed, keep us moving forward. Please hop aboard!



On behalf of the DRM,

Wade Roese