April 2013 President’s Report

            Our election for 2013 (a true election) took place on March 20, 2013. Results were announced that evening by Steve Gould, our outgoing and incoming Secretary, at our 2013 Annual Meeting. Approximately 40 members enjoyed finger sandwiches, punch and cookies. The four officers: President, Wade Roese; Vice-President, Stan Madyda; Secretary, Steve Gould; and Treasurer, Patty Osmer were re-elected. Incumbents Justin Chapin and Peter McLachlan also were re-elected along with new Directors Ian Jenner and Bob Boothe. Former Directors Carolyn Taylor, who voluntarily stepped down, and Dan Foley, who had served on the Board for many years, were recognized for their many years of service.

            Each of the officers gave progress and status reports of the 2012 year. Awards for outstanding service and commitment to the DRM were presented to: Jim Teer, Dan Foley, John Ivansco, J.R. Mitchell and Bob Andriola. In addition, Gandy Dancer awards were presented to: Don Konen, Wade Roese, Jeff Van Wagenen, and Joe Ward. This brings our total of Gandy Dancer award recipients over a nineteen year period up to sixteen. As a special recognition, the station office was dedicated to and named the “Edward E. Blackman Ticket Office”.

            A two-fold special announcement was made as a meeting “surprise”. Drawings were introduced showing a proposed new 6-stall roundhouse to be constructed on the existing location. Also, a fundraising goal of $1,000,000 was introduced to fund the roundhouse, other smaller structures, and equipment restorations/acquisitions under consideration.

            The roundhouse project is something talked about for a long time and hopefully now will move forward and become a reality. Many steps need to occur: permission, quotes, bids, specifications, contracts and funding are only a few of the considerations to be addressed.

            Your comments, concerns, suggestions and ideas, as usual, are welcomed, appreciated and solicited.

On behalf of the DRM,

Wade W. Roese, President