May-July 2013 Presidentís Report

††††††††††† It is July 1, 2013, it is raining again/still. This past June almost set a record for the most rain in the month. Obviously not the point of this report as you also are trying to dry out. Good Luck! As you read this newsletter please acknowledge and pass on kudos to our previous editor Carolyn Taylor and extend a warm welcome to our newest liaison officer, Dr. Michael Madyda, who has stepped forward to disseminate and share all our news that's "fit to print." We welcome and solicit articles, issues, concerns and information you wish to share, would like to see published, or would be interested in seeing investigated. New stuff is coming.

††††††††††† My report this issue consists of a myriad of topics. Cooperation! Wow! It abounds at the DRM. A lot of emails are forwarded to Steve Gould and myself, and are greatly appreciated since we get to see what's going on and/or what problems have arisen. Recently, some crew problems with coverage arose concerning personnel being able to crew trains for an abundance of tours, special events or busy weekends that came up. A notice went out and the problem went away and was solved because the many qualified people sent many emails back and forth until all the needs for crew were satisfied. This tremendous spirit of cooperation is a terrific example of a great spirit of commitment and dedication which abounds at the DRM. Thanks everyone!

††††††††††† We talked briefly about the move of the five pieces of equipment to New York City for the 100th anniversary celebration and Parade of Trains at Grand Central Terminal for the May 11th & 12th event. The arrangements and work required to conduct this successful move and display of our equipment warrant sharing with our members how it happened.

††††††††††† Late in 2012 and early 2013 we were contacted by Metro-North regarding the possibility of some of the Danbury Railway Museum's equipment going to New York for inclusion in their 100th anniversary celebration. We suggested the 2013 FL-9 (how appropriate), but they have their own FL-9s. After a visit in early 2013, four to five possible pieces were suggested by Metro-North: the 1910 Railway Post Office; the 1928 Tonawanda Valley; the ACMU 1171; the RS-2 #605; and the double-ended wreck crane. Reviews, testing, checking, repairs, fixes, and retesting by Chief Mechanical Officer Justin Chapin, Jim Teer, Don Konen, et al. (including Metro-North staff), were done over a five to six week period, then final decisions were made. All pieces would go except the double-ended wreck crane due to too many brake and bearing issues.

††††††††††† Now it was three weeks till the move. Metro-North came back and asked, "Do you think we could borrow the 2013 FL-9?" More quick checks, tests, etc.....Ready to go....Almost....Paperwork! On Sunday May 5th, 2013, the five pieces were scheduled to move to Stamford, CT at 1:30pm. Lots of DRM members came armed with still and video cameras, and lots of anticipation - but no signed paperwork from MN! Augh! On Wednesday, May 8th, 2013, at 1:30am a Metro-North work diesel pulls into the DRM yard, connects up, air tests, and is ready to leave the yard. Whoops! Hold on. Real railroading happening! Here comes the forty (40) car stone train around the Danbury curve, past the station (Museum) and out to the Federal Road Shaker. Then our consist going, going, gone, out the yard and down to Stamford at 2:30am. A great display at Grand Central Terminal on May 11th & 12th, 2013, and back to the DRM yard on Monday, May 13th at, you guessed it, 2:30am. ZZZZ, but another great example of exceptional Danbury Railway Museum teamwork and Cooperation. More thanks and appreciation to all those without whose assistance and perseverance, our honor and success would not have come to fruition.

Welcome and thanks Mike!

††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum, Wade W. Roese