August – September 2013 President’s Report


As our readers engrossed themselves in the previous issue of our newsletter, we were treated to some new coverage and informative articles. This issue, likewise, highlights info from Board member and 1455 steam locomotive project manager, Bob Boothe. We will also try to keep you up to date on Board of Director meeting discussions and decisions.


Other new ideas are being formulated, but we need your input and suggestions. What articles, information, interests, and photographs would you, our members and readers, like to have in future publications? Please snail mail, e-mail, telephone, stop in, or pony express your request to Mike, Steve, myself, or your best friend…here at the Museum of course.


August 3rd was Danbury Railway Day and our annual member picnic. The day featured a two-coach train behind the 1399 44-tonner, an all-caboose train, also behind the 1399, and an operational freight consist behind our operational RS-1. In addition, Bob Pitcher and Glenn Miller were conducting demonstrations at our Cedar Hill forge, Don Konen demonstrated coupling and uncoupling, and Lou Pisacano operated a number of hit-and-miss engines. The New York Central wooden caboose was open for public viewing with hosts Gerry Herrmann and Stan Madyda.


Normally, our train rides include a trip to and ride on our operational turntable. This day added a special feature to the norm. Danbury Railway Day’s visitors’ ride on the turntable was a 180 degree rotation, were upon they disembarked onto a simulated 20th Century Limited red carpet. Then they proceeded to, boarded and toured our Tonawanda Valley Pullman car currently under restoration by Art Slothower. Art, Jose’ Alves, and Terrie Roese (in period costume) conducted our first public viewing of this currently-in-restoration project. Visitors returned to the table, completed the rotation and their train ride.


Later in the day, visitors and members were treated to a special demonstration by the “5Js” Re-rail Team (Justin Chapin, Jim Teer, Jeff VanWagonen, Joe Laporta and Jose’ Alves), members locomotive runs, and a great picnic.


Hope to see you soon!


On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum, Wade W. Roese