October 2013 President’s Report

Too often, and sadly, I must again relay that we had the passing of one of our long-time members. After an extended illness, Life Member Dave Wilson of Wilton, CT passed away September 3, 2013. Dave is survived by his wife Carol, who together were very supportive of the Museum. Both Carol and Dave worked the front desk and greeted visitors, helped with tours and participated in events. Many pieces of Dave’s G-gauge collection were shared with us out on the garden layout. As Carol does not drive, both the Wilsons will be missed.

Carol Wilson’s support of the Museum causes further reflection on volunteerism at the DRM. Dave and Carol Wilson, Ed and Suzy Blackman, Bob and Mary Ann Boothe and Jim and Sue Teer are examples of the many couples that volunteer and support the DRM, or have done so. Switching tracks to the many guys/boys/gents that come out to “play” with their toys (of all sizes) at our Museum. Without our spouses/girlfriends that relinquish shared time for us to “play” and be away, what would our volunteerism be like? Our un-sung “heroes” may complain and joke about where we are, but do we realize that without their patience, acceptance and support, we, and the Danbury Railway Museum would not exist or have the success and achievement that which we have? We all joke about our “honey-do-lists” and escaping to our toys, but how many times have we thanked our spouse/girlfriend and recognized THEIR sacrifice?

Recently, Terrie became involved as a guide on the Tonawanda Valley during Danbury Railway Day and collected some things to share with our Museum. The many hours where she, along with the rest of the wives, or significant others, are left fending for themselves is recognized, significant and appreciated.

On behalf of all the related volunteers, we express our sincerest gratitude. And thanks Terrie!

On behalf of the DRM, Wade Roese