February 2014 President’s Report

            Happy holiday greetings have been passed around the DRM and it is now time to extend those same greetings to our extended membership family out of convenient commuting range. 2013 has left us with the stipulation that we make great New Year’s resolutions! If you did, have you broken them yet? The truth! Unfortunately, we lost too many active members in 2013 including long time member Dave Wilson.

             In 2013, we were successful with many projects - some new and others with great progress and historical significance. Our trip to Grand Central Terminal in May including the sharing of five pieces of our displayed locomotive and cars were probably the highlight of the year. Work continued on the New York Central caboose, the Tonawanda Valley Observation car, which was also to be featured in an upcoming Travel Channel video, the 1455 steam Locomotive, Rutland ride-on flat car, and the turntable. Work continued with progress and funding on the Burro Crane and the initiation of painting of two Canadian National locomotives. We continued participation in numerous outreach programs such as hosting the visits of 700 elementary school students and their teachers, and enhanced our Easter, Pumpkin Patch, and Santa events. The Museum made numerous acquisitions through donations and gifts. The Museum was the site of movie, wedding and engagement shoots, CD cover shoots, music videos, tours, new and expanded Wednesday night programs, and birthday parties. We continued the active pursuit of the two sequestered electric locomotives in Albany (stay tuned on these). Unfortunately, a few projects did not come to fruition in 2013, but we’ll continue. We did focus on the new Round House funding and planning in 2013 and hope 2014 will bring us closer to a work facility.

            Even in a marginal economy the Danbury Railway Museum has continued to grow economically through innovative programming, careful and frugal spending, and efficient project management.  Because of you, our members and volunteers! The sharing of our members’ talents, knowledge, expertise and cooperation is the main factor which contributed to a reasonable and respectable 2013. We thank all the volunteers who have helped this past year. We also thank all our volunteer spouses who relinquish the time that our volunteers are assisting the DRM. Apologies if I have missed acknowledging anyone:

Joseph Alves                                       Bob Andriola                                       Alan Baker

Roberta Ballard                                                John Bartow                                        Bob Bell

Gary Bentley                                       Marty Bishop                                       Tim Bishop

Suze Blackman                                                Bob Boothe                                         Mary Ann Boothe

Bill Brett                                              Chip Brown                                         Harry Burke

Dan Carleton                                       Peter Celona                                        Justin Chapin  

Don Collier                                          Dan Cordoso                                       Katie Corwin

Nancy Cuniff                                      Bob Detlefsen                                      Al Emanuele


Mike Eddy                                           Max Enis                                             Nick Ernst

Dan Foley                                            Dave Fuller                                          Bob Gambling

Paul Gassner                                        Franz Gerencir                                     Steve Gould

Greg Grice                                           Marty Grossman                                  Al Gruber

Jack Hawkins                                      Fiona Herrmann                                   Gerry Herrmann

Josh Herman                                        John Ivansco                                       Ian Jenner                   

Bob Kessler                                         Geoff Knees                                        Don Konen     

Dave Kopycinski                                 Hans Dieter Krauter                             Mike LaGue    

Dana Laird                                           Joe LaPorta                                          Mike LaPorta  

Jerry Lawlor                                        Harry Leeds                                         Tom Lenhart   

Gil Letellier                                          Bernice Liba                                        Carl Liba                     

Dave Lowry                                         Mike Madyda                                      Stan Madyda

Joe Mato                                              Tom McCullough                                 Jim McGeorge

Dave McKee                                        Pete McLachlan                                               Glenn Miller

Dan Milone                                          J.R. Mitchell                                        Elaine Mitchell

Bill Nicholson                                      John O’Hern                                        Patty Osmer

Shirley Peatfield                                  Andre Perez                                         Bob Pitcher

Bob Powell                                          Jeremy Rice                                         Dave Rist                    

Dave Roberts                                       Terrie Roese                                        Wade Roese

Luis Roman                                         Dana Rosenbergen                               Chuck Sager

Mike Salata                                          Marty Scatola                                       Adam Schwartz          

Jeff Scott                                             Richard Shaboo                                               Elyse Shapiro

John Silbert                                          Dave Simington                                               Art Slothower

Lovett Smith                                        Nancy Sniffen                                     Danielle Spino

David Stavans                                      Judith Stavans                                      Terrie Stramiello

Frank Sullivan                                     Carolyn Taylor                                    Jim Teer

Sue Teer                                              Jeff Van Wagenen                               Bill Waggoner 

Joe Ward                                             Matt Wuensch                                      Roger Whitcomb         

Tony White                                          Carol Wilson                                        David Wilson*

Kristina Maceira                                  Victoria Maceira                                  Ashley Norkowski

Sam Steinbrook                                              

An * following a volunteer’s name indicates that sadly, the person has passed away.

            As a member of any volunteer organization our rewards are proportional to that which we put forth. All the volunteers above should be proud to have exhibited the utmost of commitment and dedication to their/our own Danbury Railway Museum.

On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum,

We thank everyone for the sharing of

 their time, talents and expertise.

Wade W. Roese