October – November 2014 President’s Report


On October 26th, we completed the successful 2014 Pumpkin Patch event - up almost 7% from last year. As you are aware, Pumpkin Patch is one of our major events, but what else is happening at the DRM about which you may not have heard?


In late September, the DRM was host to Shape magazine and a host of guests that photographed various fall fashions on selected pieces of our yard, building and rail equipment. A quick view of their November 2014 issue will allow you to visit our trains as visited and exposed within their magazine. In early October we were again exposed to the fashion industry, this time on Shopbop, an Internet shopping connection that again featured the DRM as a fall clothing arena. Unfortunately, the shoot results were only viewable for one week shortly after the actual shoot. Thumb nails may show up in the future.


Within the building, we have been busy updating the various displays. The N gauge layout now has new train displays on top and a new plywood skirt surround in place of the old curtains which allows for secure storage under the layout. A similar plywood skirt surround was added to the base of the G gauge resulting in more storage. An eight-foot-long double-sided trapezoid shaped display case was placed upon a raised base and has been placed in the main hall to display a newly donated model and associated items for a milk car display. A duplicate display case has also been moved into the main hall and features many newly acquired railway artifacts, which were previously not displayed. Personal artwork and drawings by Vic Westman is now displayed in the main hall.


Moving outside into the yard, extensive work on our well-visited garden model railroad has transpired. Bill Arm, Don Konen, Wade Roese, Jim Teer and some WestConn volunteers have taken apart the old ties and installed a new, lengthened three-tier tie base surround. This will receive a redesigned and enhanced multi-loop operational train venue. A future interactive display will allow DRM members and visitors alike, to share trackage rights with “live steamers” and electric specialists. A little further back in the yard, Justin Chapin,  Wade Roese, Jim Teer, and Jeff VanWagenen scurried down to Westport, CT a couple  of weeks ago (with trailers in tow) and returned with 16 target signals and associated stands. The equipment was formally utilized on the overhead catenary system on the Glenbrook line and has been donated to the DRM.


Speaking of donations, back in 2009 the DRM was informed that a piece of memorabilia was available and we were asked if we were interested. We expressed that we were. Tick-tock…time passed, up and down with the donation and where it was to go, when it was to go and who/whom owned it. Last we heard it was not coming to Danbury. Then, on October 22, 2014, we received a phone call. It was coming to Danbury! On October 24, 2014, a 40-foot tractor-trailer delivered the formerly New Haven Station displayed, operational “Solari” board. This will be displayed within the Danbury Railway Museum building…soon.


On behalf of the DRM, Wade W. Roese, President and Director of exhibits.