September Ė October 2015 Presidentís Report


In our August newsletter issue we asked: How are you?, a form of simple greeting. In this issue: Whatís up?, also a commonly used greeting. So, whatís up at the Danbury Railway Museum? At the September Board of Directors meeting each of the officers and directors present reported on the project status under their purview.


Following are some in-work projects and their status:

††††††††††† The StEPís program moves forward into the third module as we learn out Museums.

Tuesday work crew has renewed painting, building, repairing and enhancing interior

†† †††††††††displays and exhibits.

A rigger has been located to assist with erecting the Solari Board.

Lexan has been purchased and cut for the Tonawanda Valley observation car.

Window frames and rebuilt windows are in work for the NH caboose.

Track 42 track work is almost complete.

The RS-1 #0673 is being prepared for our upcoming Pumpkin Patch event.

Former D&H caboose has arrived in the yard and has been cleaned up.

Many donations in various forms have come to the Museum almost weekly.

Quotes for the roundhouse shell are being sought.

The Library is seeking grants to digitize and store photographic records.

The Library is also planning on reopening the oral history project.

A new camera security system will be installed soon.

Several new grants have been submitted to assist with existing and proposed

†††††††† ††projects.

New LED high-efficiency lighting and occupancy sensors have been installed in the

††††††††††††††††††††††† building in order to reduce operating expenses.

††††††††††† Work is resuming on the outdoor G-scale exhibit train layout.

††††††††††† WestConn student volunteers have cleaned up brush in a number of yard areas.

††††††††††† The use of Rhino-Shield for use on equipment roofs is being investigated.

††††††††††† The 1455 has windows, frames and sills replaced.

††††††††††† The 1455 has had a cab wall panel replaced and side rod reinstallation is planned.

††††††††††† Interior work on the NYC wooden caboose progresses nicely.

††††††††††† Various acquisition activities continue and are moving forward.

††††††††††† We continue negotiations with Metro-North regarding equipment and facility issues.


In the interest of brevity and saving a tree or two, we have left individual project manager, crew, and responsible director names from this update. Many projects are in work at the Museum and many, many people are volunteering their time. Many volunteers participate on multiple projects with lots of hours. Thanks to all!


Whatís up? Fortunately, for the DRM, a lot!


On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum, Wade W. Roese