March 2016 President’s Report


Happy New Year, Holidays in general, and snow shoveling. We were again represented at the Big-E in West Springfield, where we received a grant toward continuing work on the newly acquired bay window caboose. As we reflect upon this past year, work progressed on many projects and was initiated on some new ones. We continue to learn the professionalism of Museum management through our participation in The Connecticut League of History Organizations sponsored StEPs training program. 2016 sees many of our original members continuing their volunteering and service, new member and long serving member volunteers participation and participant hours has grown, projects and project involvement has resulted in Museum growth and expansion. While many entertainment and attractions are down on funding, staffing, and support of the DRM has continued to attract new visitors and enhanced volunteer service. The Officers and Directors of the Danbury Railway Museum again wish to take this opportunity to thank and recognize those volunteers who have served and continued to serve or supported the Museum throughout this past year. Our apologies if we have missed acknowledging anyone:


Jose Alves   
Bob Andriola  
Bill Arm
Alan Baker
Roberta Ballard
John Barton Jr.
Bruce Beard
Marty Beard 
Phillip Beard
Rachel Beard
Gary Bentley
Martha Bishop
Tim Bishop 
Suze Blackman
Bob Boothe
Mary Ann Boothe
Doug Brede
Bill Brett   
Harry Burke 
Joseph Caragin 
Joe Carella   
Dan Carleton   
Justin Chapin
Nancy Cuniff 
Jerry DeJesus
Martha DePhillips
Al Emanuel      
Kathy Fay 
Dan Foley
Dave Fuller
Bob Gambling
Dan Gallo
Paul Gassner
Franz Gerencir
Steve Gould
Marty Grossman
Al Gruber
Jack Hawkins
Fiona Herrmann
Gerry Herrmann
Josh Herrmann 
Mike Herrmann
John Ivansco  
Ian Jenner
Bob Kessler
Geoff Knees 
Don Konen  
Dave Kopycinski
Mike LaGue
Joe Laporta
Mike Laporta
Harry Leeds 
Bernice Liba
Carl Liba
Dave Lowry 
Mike Madyda
Stan Madyda
Steve Mayerson 
Joe Mato  
Tom McCullough
Jim McGeorge
Dave McKee  
Pete McLachlan
Jesse Meeker 
Glenn Miller 
Dan Milone
J.R. Mitchell  
Jillian Murray 
Lin Murray    
Tom Murray 
Bill Nicholson
Tom O’Grady
John O’Hern
Patty Osmer    
Shirley Peatfield
Andre Perez 
Louis Pisacano     
Bob Pitcher
Bob Powell 
Jeremy Rice 
Dave Rist
Dave Roberts 
Terrie Roese
Wade Roese
Luis Roman 
Chuck Sager
Mike Salata
Rob Sailer   
Marty Scatola  
Adam Schwartz
Jeff Scott*    
Birte Selvara   
Richard Shaboo
Elyse Shapiro
John Silbert 
Dave Simington
Art Slothower     
Lovett Smith
Nancy Sniffen
Terri Stramiello  
Frank Sullivan   
Carolyn Taylor
Jim Teer 
Sue Teer 
Gussie Tipper  
Jeff Van Wagenen
Bill Wagner  
Joe Ward
Vic Westman
Roger Whitcomb 
Tony White
Carol Wilson
Kristina Maceira  
Sam Steinbrook
*Sadly, has left us.


A special thank you to the spouses and families of all the volunteers noted above that have sacrificed to allow the time graciously contributed to the Danbury Railway Museum.


On behalf of the Danbury Railway Museum, Wade W. Roese