The Mill Plain Station is now ours. Just before the end of 2016, the owner of the station, Ed Batista, submitted paperwork for my signature transferring ownership to the DRM. By doing this, we are now able to proceed with the move. Jeff Van Wagenen and Marty Grossman of the Building Committee have had several meetings with city concerning permits. The city has been extremely cooperative and has agreed to waive any fees. The contract has been signed with Salem Preservation so they can begin work removing the additions that were added to the building and the roof. They would like to start work closer to the time we actually move the station.

On Saturday January 28th, the DRM received the H. Albert Webb Memorial Railroad Preservation Award presented at the Amherst Railway Society’s Railroad Hobby Show. This award, available through the Massachusetts Bay Railroad Enthusiasts, is for $10,000 and will go towards the restoration and replacement of timbers and ties on our turntable. Leigh Webb is the donor of the award which he created in the year 2000 in memory of his late father who loved the railroads of New England. Since its inception, the annual award has been given to a wide-range of railroad preservation projects in New England. The Danbury Railway Museum is very pleased to win the award and we thank Mass Bay RRE and Mr. Webb for their consideration in naming us the 2017 recipient.