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Benefits include: unlimited free admission to the museum and railyard, 10% discount in the gift shop, discount on most events and one vote in our yearly elections.   
Current and previous newsletters are available on web site: danburyrailwaymuseum.org

Memberships (except life) are renewable each year.  Which membership do you prefer?        
Includes benefits for an individual
Includes benefits for parents and children residing at the same address
Retired Railroader
Reduced rate individual benefits for retired railroader
Includes benefits for parents and children residing at the same address
Includes 1 individual membership, a free cab ride and supports the museum with your $150 donation
Includes $1 off admission and 10% off Gift Shop purchases for employees with valid ID card
The museum needs your participation to further it's development. If you can actively
participate in the museum, please give us some information as to ways you can help
-  I am interested in volunteering. Please contact me.
-  I can volunteer during normal work day hours

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Danbury Railway Museum
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Danbury, Connecticut 06813
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Upon acceptance, we will send out your member materials. We look forward to meeting you!
For additional information, call the museum at (203) 778-8337.

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