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ALCO RS-1 (1948) New Haven 0673
ex DRM 400
exx Green Mountain 400
exxx Illinois Central
exxxx Gulf Mobile & Ohio 1053
exxxxx Illinois Terminal 1053
nee Illinois Terminal 753
Arrived Danbury 1/19/96
Purchased from Green Mountain RR 12/27/95
Built 1948 by ALCO in Schenectady, NY
Dimensions: L 55' W 10' H 14'6"

Bought by the Green Mountain RR in 1976 and put in storage until 1983, and then spent several years in seasonal excursion service; it was used in freight service as recently as December 1995. The last New Haven RS-1 was numbered 0671; DRM continued the numbering sequence after painting it in New Haven colors. (Another organization had already created an 0672). ALCO pioneered the concept of the road switcher with the 1000 horsepower, 6 cylinder RS-1. Prior to delivery of the first RS-1 in 1941, all diesel locomotives were built for one kind of service, such as yard switching, road freight, or passenger trains; the RS-1 could perform all three functions. This concept was an immediate hit with many railroads anxious to cut the tremendous expense of running steam locomotives. World War II manufacturing restrictions meant they had to wait several years to take advantage of the flexibility RS-1s and other road switchers offered, but the railroads eventually bought 417 ALCO RS-1s between 1941 and 1960. This 19-year production run is by far the longest for any diesel locomotive produced in the United States.